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Elite Performance Assessment Consultants (epac) provides audits, inspections and consulting services related to areas of law enforcement operations that create the highest risk and liability exposure.  We provide an independent, objective, fact-based, non-partisan assessment of the stewardship, performance and cost of public safety programs and operations.  This provides key information to law enforcement management that allows them to develop policies and procedures that increase accountability, assists improve program performance, helps mitigate risk and liability, facilitates decision making, and identifies issues and trends that affect law enforcement performance.

Audits/Inspections that we specialize in are:


  • Arrest Reports

  • Detentions

  • Searches

  • Warrant Applications and Executions

  • Property Rooms and Evidence Handling

  • Internal Affairs Investigations

  • Use of Force Investigations

  • Pursuits

  • Use of Informants

  • Gang Enforcement

  • Narcotic Enforcement

  • Financial Disclosures

  • Officer Involved Shooting

Consent Decree/Negotiated Settlement Agreement Consulting:

Due to the lack of sufficient internal controls (policies, procedures, audits, inspections, etc.) some law enforcement agencies fall under the oversight of the federal or state Department of Justice (DOJ) through consent decrees or similar regulations, which are imposed on the agency.  Such oversight by the state or federal government proves to be very costly.

Elite Performance Assesment Consultants is uniquely positioned to assist law enforcement agencies deal with independent monitors and the special challenges inherent to dealing with monitors.  Elite Performance Assesment Consultants has over 65 years of combined law enforcement experience (and access to some of the nation’s most experienced law enforcement professionals), over 20 years of combined experience in conducting unique audits of high-risk law enforcement operations.  Such experience includes dealing with inspector generals and independent monitors.

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