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Mr. Randy Khatami

Mr. Randy Khatami is the co-founder and Vice President of Elite Performance Assessment Consultants. He is an expert specializing in law enforcement auditing and internal investigations. Randy received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from California Lutheran University. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS), Certified Risk Management Assurance (CRMA), and Certified Law Enforcement Auditor (CLEA).

Randy has over 30 years of audit and investigative experience. Randy was initially hired as a fraud investigator for Countrywide Home Loans and spent four years investigating internal and external fraud. Randy was then hired by Washington Mutual Bank as a Corporate Internal Auditor and then transferred to the Fraud Unit as a Sr. Fraud Investigator. His duties included Investigating areas of possible fraudulent activity over all divisions of the company, including wholesale lending, correspondent lending, sub-prime lending, retail divisions, and employee related investigations.

Randy has served over 20 years as a Police Performance Auditor III and is the Team Leader of the Audit Section, Operations-Valley Bureau, Los Angeles Police Department. As a Police Performance Auditor III, Randy has completed complex audits relating to the Los Angeles Police Department consent decree in the areas of search warrants, uses of force, arrest, booking, and charging reports, complaint investigations, confidential informants, and Gang Enforcement Detail selection criteria. Randy has also received his instructor training from the POST/ICI Instructor Update Workshop. He was a member of the Audit Division Detroit Police Department and California Highway Patrol Auditor Course instructor cadre. Randy was also Audit Division’s 2007 Civilian of the Year Award recipient.

Randy also is a part owner of Elite Mixed Martial Arts, one of the most comprehensive mixed martial arts schools in southern California. He is a USA certified boxing instructor and trains some of the top professional and amateur fighters in the world.

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