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Mr. Rick Linson

Mr. Rick Linson is a 29-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol (CHP). He retired as the commander of the Barstow CHP office where he was responsible for planning, coordination of enforcement, and deployment of field resources. The Barstow command consists of over 100 CHP employees and over 300 miles of patrolled freeways. He was responsible for local public education, officer’s enforcement activities, and was instrumental in identifying the most appropriate locations for emergency response to effectively address traffic management operations. He is also a certified Police Performance Auditor and a member of the International Law Enforcement Auditors Association.

He served as the commander of the CHP’s Emergency Notification and Tactical Alert Center (ENTAC), which acts as the Department’s Operations Center (DOC) to coordinate the procurement of resources necessary to fulfill statewide responsibilities during emergency incidents. In addition to DOC responsibilities, ENTAC has oversight for coordinating the statewide AMBER Alert program, which provides the public with immediate up-to-date information about child abductions, provides statewide AMBER Alert training for other police departments, and administers the Counterterrorism Watch program. During this assignment, he attended the National Terrorism Conference at CIA headquarters.

He has extensive investigative experience, which has earned him recognition in law enforcement, private industry, and public sector communities. His assignments include management oversight for Internal Affairs, Investigative Services, the Multi-disciplinary Accident Investigation Team, and the Critical Incident Investigation Team. He has extensive experience managing high profile investigations, which include officer involved shooting investigations and homicide investigations for the CHP and allied law enforcement agencies.

He worked as an operator and supervisor for the CHP’s Special Weapons and Tactics Unit and was an instructor at the CHP Academy Enforcement Tactics and Traffic Collision Investigation Units. These assignments included the development, training, and implementation of statewide policies and procedures regarding enforcement tactics, use of force options, entry training, and collision investigations.

He is a graduate of the UC Davis Executive Leadership Program and is currently an associate instructor for the CHP’s management course. His training portfolio includes a wide variety of enforcement, tactical, investigative, and law enforcement management disciplines.

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