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Ms. Jeri Weinstein

After 30 years with the LAPD, Commander Weinstein (Retired) developed an extensive and diverse foundation of experience, competencies, skills, and knowledge. She served as a Commander, Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant with multiple command, management, and supervisory assignments. Her experience includes working as a detective, patrol officer, and Youth Services Counselor.

She retired as a Police Commander from the LAPD and was the commanding officer of Employee Relations Group and the Department’s Employee Relation Administrator. Employee Relations Group represents the Office of the Chief of Police (OCOP) in all employee relation matters, including contract negotiations with various representative units, which represent Department sworn and civilian employees. Employee Relations Group also conducts investigations on grievances and represents the OCOP in all arbitration resulting from grievances. They prepare legislative analysis, handle meet and confer requirements of the OCOP and conduct other duties as directed by the Chief.

As a police captain, Commander Weinstein was the commanding officer of Risk Management Division, Work Environment Liaison Division (Ombudsman), Criminal Investigation Division/Internal Affairs Group and West Valley Area Patrol Division. As a police lieutenant, she was a bureau adjutant for a deputy chief, the officer-in-charge of Internal Affairs Group Administrator Section and the administrative lieutenant for Pacific Area. Commander Weinstein was a watch commander, complaint investigator, gang unit supervisor, detective and field training officer. She was also a youth service counselor with the Beverly Hills Police Department and a reserve police officer with the Culver City Police Department.

Commander Weinstein earned a Master of Education degree in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral University, Chicago, Illinois. She also earned a Master of Social Work degree and Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois. Commander Weinstein attended the LAPD Basic Law-Enforcement Performance Auditor Course, The Role of the Chief of Police Course presented by the California Police Chiefs Association, the California POST Executive Development Course and Command College. She has over 2500 hours of advanced and wide ranging law enforcement training in the areas of leadership and communication skills, personnel and division management, investigative proficiency, future forecasting and scanning, risk assessment and management, change management, labor relations and negotiations, decision-making and problem-solving, critical thinking, internal investigation and discipline, project development and oversight, critical incident management. Commander Weinstein has a State of California teaching credential.

Commander Weinstein accomplishments with the LAPD were leading the Department with 100% divisional compliance during the Federal Consent Decree. This included developing strategies, systems, checklists, audits and teams to ensure compliance. She also revamped the LAPD Ombudsman Office with new investigative protocols, training and policy manual. Commander Weinstein developed the first racial profiling/biased policing policy for the Department. She led the LAPD internal affairs team responsible for the 2007 May Day/MacArthur Park use of force misconduct investigation and created a state-of-the-art investigative model. Commander Weinstein created and led a team responsible for 118 protocols, developed as a result of a settlement agreement involving a lawsuit against the LAPD. This included developing team leaders, conducting research, creating and implementing policy, and working with an independent monitor to ensure compliance facilitating completion of the settlement without penalties and sanctions. As the commanding officer of Risk Management Division, she conducted risk assessments and created “lessons learned” for Department commanding officers.

Commander Weinstein successfully led contract negotiations for the LAPD, with labor unions and the city of Los Angeles. She represented the chief of police in all union negotiations, grievances, meet and confer issues, and problem solving on employee issues related to wages, hours, and working conditions. Commander Weinstein also served as the liaison with Employee Relations Board Director, City Administrative Officer and the City Attorney.

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