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Amongst our core competencies is the review of departmental policies.  Whether such reviews are encompassed by assessing a policy in one particular area, or policies department-wide, at epac we conduct such reviews keeping in mind the possible policy implications for each unique department.

The purpose for department policies is to provide the respective personnel with the appropriate guidance and procedures as to how to deal with the various situations, circumstances, and day to day operations.

Our policy review process includes, but is not limited to, analysis of efficiency and effectiveness as it relates to operational, administrative and training functions, determining amongst various other criteria, whether such policies are:


  • Compatible with local, state, and federal laws;

  • Encompassing of community policing philosophies;

  • Feasible for the unique departmental needs

  • Our team of experts conduct policy reviews while keeping an open line of communication with our clients, who will ultimately be responsible for implementing, and holding personnel accountable for policy compliance.

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