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Risk assessments of law enforcement agencies determine gaps in liability exposure. The assessment process would involve a review of the agencies’ policies, procedures, and training related to the high risk critical tasks in law enforcement, as well as an on-site review of agency operations. We would provide expert assistance through recommendations in order to assist the agency in reducing liability exposure.

Managing public risk is often the responsibility of local elected officials and department heads.  Unlike the private industry, very few government entities have the benefit of a qualified, full time risk manager.  When allegations arise detailing a citizen’s loss of property or life, questions will center on policy, procedures, employee training, and management controls.  An allegation of a civil rights violation initiates a question… are officials deliberately indifferent to the public need?  The appropriate time to address this question is before an incident takes place!

Elite Performance Assesment Consultants (epac) perform cost-effective, critical infrastructure and governmental risk management assessments for public entities worldwide.  Public risk management assessment services include, but are not limited to, law enforcement agencies, jails, juvenile and adult detention facilities, local and government administrative functions, fire departments, and public safety training.

EPAC provides:


  • Assessments of Policies & Procedures

  • Cost Containment Strategies

  • Law Enforcement Assessments

  • Municipal Police Departments

  • Sheriff’s Departments

  • School Police

  • Airport Police

  • State Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Fire Department Assessments

  • Juvenile and Adult Detention Facilities

  • Liability Assessments for Officers & Employees

  • On-Call Consulting

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