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The public value of any public safety agency is providing fair, honest and professional service to the community it serves.  To accomplish this, a public safety agency has to be accessible and transparent to the citizenry.  Violation of public trust diminishes the agency’s effectiveness.  The outcome is a lack of public trust and costly litigation.

Because of the short time span that public safety performance auditing practices have been in existence, there is virtually a limited amount of training specific to this discipline.  Training for auditors does exist, but it is provided by a diminutive number of presenters.  Training for managers is non-existent except for courses that are presented for non-public safety executives.

Elite Performance Assesment Consultants (epac) has developed training for all facets of public safety auditing.  This includes basic, intermediate, advanced and management training.  These courses are highly interactive, and designed to provide contemporary auditing skills and knowledge to individuals in the area of public safety performance auditing.  Specialized training courses may be developed to meet your specific training needs.

All instructors are actively involved in all phases of public safety performance auditing.  Cadre members are highly qualified instructors and are certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.  They are also certified as auditors and fraud examiners by numerous auditing professional organizations.

Persons or organizations interested in scheduling courses should contact Dr. Chris Figueroa at 1 (626) 813-7603 or e-mail at for more information.


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